What Are The Best LED Strip Lights for Home? 1

What are LED strip lights? First and foremost, let’s get to the acronym. LED or light-emitting diodes are light sources that are powered by electric current. And when they’re manufactured on strips, they’re highly flexible and can easily adapt to the surface they’re stuck on.

“But do I really need LED strip lights?” Now that is a very good question. One we can answer with certainty. That answer is— YES! In block letters and all-caps! It’s been tried, tested, and proven that LED strip lights are much more energy-efficient than others such as halogen bulbs.

This is significant because that ultimately means that they don’t consume as much electricity as conventional light sources do. That’s a plus for both your pocket, while being environmental-friendly to Mother Nature.

Thus, you can keep them on for long hours and not worry about your electric bill by the end of the month. To add, they have a clean aesthetic that will instantly make any room sleek and well-lit once the lights are turned on.

Are LED Strip Lights Bad For The Eyes?

Let’s get to the basics and the details of LED strip lights. Experts have said that LEDs emit a warm kind of luminance. These warm artificial lights are meant to imitate natural light for the purpose of causing less strain to the eyes.

A lot of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs produce a strong brightness that, though definitely does not let a room go dim, are stressful to eyes in the long run.

And no, just because LED strip lights have a powerful brightness, sometimes even greater than that of fluorescents and incandescents, they remain safe for your optics. Of course, the rule is always that you should monitor your usage of artificial lights, no matter the type. Only turn them on when you need to.

Just don’t stare directly at them, or at any other artificial light source for that matter, and you’ll be a-okay!

How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last?

Just as with other LED products, fasten your brain seatbelts because a typical LED strip light lasts for about 50,000 hours! Although we have to clarify this by letting you know that the latter part of its lifespan will see a 70% decrease in luminance.

How To Install LED Strip Lights?

Number 1 is to lay the LED strip lights roll down, its power supply, and tools you’ll be using for setting it up. With much caution, attach the uncut lights to the power supply itself. If it lights up, then you’re good. If it doesn’t try out the connection once more.

The second would be to measure the area you’ll stick the strips on. That way, you’ll know the length of strip light you’ll need to unroll and cut. A reminder: be sure to cut along the clearly marked cutting lines for safety.

Next, attach the LED strips to the power supplies. If the LED strips aren’t already connected, then join them together through the use of connectors. Think positive-negative. The red wire is to “positive” and the black, “negative.”

On the other hand, you can simply utilize a soldering iron if you’re short of the proper connectors.

Another scenario is connected to the strip not having a connector, use a clip-on or a screw-on connector before linking it to a power source.

Finally, here’s an extra pointer. For multiple LED strips, a splitter will come in handy.

What Are The Best LED Strip Lights For Home?

Best LED Strip Lights For Under The Cabinet – Moobibear Smart LED Strip Lights WiFi Voice and Remote Controlled


There’s no mistaking that when you see the brand Moobibear, you know you aren’t getting anything close to ordinary. For LED strips great for taping under the cabinet for that background luminance, the Moobibear Smart LED Strip Lights WiFi Voice Controlled is the shizzle.

You’ve Got The Power Through Its Voice Control Feature

Here’s a roll of stunning LED strip lights that, once connected to its paired downloadable app through your smartphone, can be adjusted and controlled via your voice! Say what you want it to do such as controlling its brightness from 1% to 100%, or switching from one color to the next.



Best LED Strip Lights For Kitchen – Moobibear DreamColor Smart LED Light Strips Phone App Controlled

What Are The Best LED Strip Lights for Home? 2

How about a trendy and positive-vibe type of decor for your kitchen? Instead of a total overhaul that’s just impractically budget-unfriendly, bring fun lights in with the Moobibear DreamColor Smart LED Light Strips Phone App Controlled.

Be Blown Away With Its 120 Dynamic Color Settings

Through the use of its Bluetooth smartphone application match, choose among a multitude of options for light color, running modes, as well as about 160 million static settings. And yes, you read that right, a million ways to up your visual experience!



Best LED Strip Lights For Garage – Moobibear 10M LED Strip Lights Bluetooth Controlled With Music Sync


Sometimes, a bit of light bespangled with matching music really takes the holiday cheer and mood uplifting to heights. Fill your home with melodies and sparkles a-plenty with the Moobibear 10M LED Strip Lights Bluetooth Controlled With Music Sync.

All you need is your smartphone and this LED strip lights’ Bluetooth application and you can tap into this roll’s high sensitivity microphone. For ambient music that’s almost like a playlist of different beats, turn up the volume for a fantastic explosion of tunes and lights.



Best LED Strip Lights for Bedroom – Moobibear 10M WIFI Flexible Smart Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Change the ambiance of your space without so much as a flick of a switch, a tap on your phone or a push of a button with the Moobibear Flexible Smart Color LED Strip Lights. With a brightness you can control, dim, brighten, or paint them colorful for a personalized bedroom interior light design.

Lucky Number 3 For 3 Methods Of Operation

You can monitor these LED strip lights through their manual power button. At the same time, you can command that their lights dance, change color, or brighten through its downloadable smartphone app. The 3rd? It has a remote control that has 24 buttons for you to hit!




It’s only ever all said and done until you try it out— Moobibear’s LED strip lights. Let any part of your home, bedrooms, the kitchen, the living area, and more be elevated in design and indoor atmosphere with lights and light settings you can change any time, any season!