Troubleshooting an LED Light Strip

When your led light strip is suddenly not working correctly, there are a few possible causes. Troubleshooting this can seem a little challenging because many times the exact problem is not immediately obvious and takes some time to uncover. Outlined here are a few steps to take that will take away nearly all the guesswork…

Troubleshooting an LED Light Strip 1

When your led gentle strip is abruptly not working appropriately, there are a couple of potential causes. Troubleshooting this will appear just a little difficult as a result of many instances the precise drawback will not be instantly apparent and takes a while to uncover. Outlined listed below are a couple of steps to take that may take away practically all of the guesswork and lead you to a workable resolution. Relying on the kind of circuit you’ve gotten and any potential points together with your wires or LED bulbs, the choice usually turns into whether or not to restore or change.

Test the Wires

Briefly flip off the ability supply. Then, test that none of your wire connections from the converter have come unfastened, which is a typical reason behind many LEDs going out, flickering, or dimming. Tighten any wires which have come unfastened—however not too tightly. When you see any uncovered wire (even a small size) the place an excessive amount of coating has been stripped off, change the wire instantly as a result of this presents an instantaneous hearth hazard.

Now, proceed to test wires and connections. Are your purple and black wires connected to the right enter terminals on the converter? Are your switches linked to the right (120-volt) aspect of the converter? Is your converter itself situated in a well-ventilated space? In case your reply is damaging to any of those questions, you could have discovered the reply to what’s flawed together with your LED gentle strip.

Test the Bulbs

LED light strip bulbs

If a number of of the bulbs has dimmed or gone out, test the producer’s documentation for the kind of circuit that was used to place the LED gentle strip itself collectively. Relying on the kind of circuit, serial, or parallel, you could possibly change the bulbs individually. When you discover that your LED strip was internally wired with an old-style serial circuit, much like older strands of Christmas lights, it’s time to change the lighting strip as a result of on this case all bulbs exit if one burns out. Many manufacturers of LED substitute strips are available, and in lots of instances, they’re simpler alternate options to changing particular person bulbs.

When you discover that your lighting strip has a parallel circuit, observe the rules for changing a burned-out LED bulb of any dimension. Fastidiously take away any bulb casing if it has one. By no means contact the bulb with naked palms; use protecting gloves or a paper towel. Oils from fingers can go away an unpleasant burn mark on an LED bulb’s floor as a minimum and create one other hearth hazard on the most. Ensure your substitute bulb has the very same ANSI letter code, voltage, dimension, and form. Test that the producer of your LED gentle strip affords particular person substitute bulbs. It’s a good suggestion to maintain a couple of spare bulbs readily available as properly.

Test the Converter

If neither of the above measures are efficient, have a look at the converter itself. Get out your wattage conversion chart, which ought to have include it, and double-check your calculations to ensure that the converter has not been overloaded. The utmost watts that almost all commonplace converters can deal with is 60. If you’re working a number of LED gentle strips which can be presenting issues and discover that your converter wattage is approaching 60 watts, you might need to think about investing in a second converter and set of wires to separate up the circuit and subsequently the wattage between the 2.

The following pointers for troubleshooting your LED gentle strip will assist shed some gentle on the difficulty. Now you will not be caught in the dead of night.


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