Top 10 Battery Powered LED Lights of 2020 1

Editor’s Notes

November 05, 2020:

Coming on board today is the , which are available from a well-known name in , , and light fixtures. This set of two versatile work lights can be set on a tabletop or attached magnetically to a metal surface. Their 180-degree adjustable stands can also double as convenient carrying handles. You can choose from among two brightness settings, depending on how much light is needed for a given task. These highly portable devices come in handy for car repairs, camping, and so on. They replace the Tomol COB, which suffer from availability issues. We also added in the , a vibrant set that can be controlled easily using a single button on the battery box. You select from among 20 dynamic modes that include static colors, jumping and gradual changing, and more. Just long-press the button to turn them off. They replace another set of , the Inwaysin Strip, which we removed amidst various reports they don’t last very long.

The long-lasting and cost-effective retains a prominent spot on the list, thanks to its high 50-lumen output, broad angle beam, and versatile placement options. It can be adhered magnetically or screwed to a wall or a ceiling, and is activated with just a quick push, so you won’t need to fumble in the dark searching for a small button. For a reliable set of twinkly fairy lights, look to the , which includes six 8-foot independent strands, each attached to a battery. Their warm amber glow makes them perfect for setting a festive mood either indoors or out. Their IP65 waterproof rating helps them hold up to the elements, but note that the battery box itself is not waterproof. The is a good way to illuminate hallways or your home’s entryway when needed, so you won’t need to feel around for light switches when entering a dark house or heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

June 19, 2019:

The newly added provides three bright, wide-angle LEDs that deliver an impressive 50 lumens (which is significantly more than many others). It uses three AA batteries, which provide up to 31 hours of run-time. To turn it on, simply press on it and its lens switch will activate. This versatile choice can be attached to a surface using its built-in magnet, or with the included wall mounting hardware. It also offers a tough, impact-absorbing rubber housing, which can be removed if you prefer.

Also joining the selection is the , which is great for lighting up stairs, hallways, closets, and more, so there’s no need to make your way around in the dark. And, it’s motion activated, so you don’t have to waste energy or remember to turn it on and off. It also features a weatherproof build that holds up through rain and snow.

The third new edition is the . This fixture is designed for porches and features 12 LEDs, and it’s simple to install with the included mounting bracket and screws. It comes in charcoal, white, bronze, or silver, so there’s certainly a finish that will match your outdoor color scheme. Once it detects movement, it will activate and stay on until 30 seconds after any motion has ceased.

Leaving the list are the Kohree 3 Pack and the Yoozoon String, which are not available at this time. Also making its departure is the Qoolife Submersible, due to issues with longevity.