The best LED string lights

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The best LED string lights

The best LED string lights 1

  • LED string lights aren’t just for holiday decorations — they can easily liven up decor any time of the year.
  • When deciding on which LED string lights to buy, it’s important to consider longevity, cost, durability, and design appeal, among other factors.
  • The LED string lights from GE are our top pick because they are long-lasting, energy-safe, and stylish. They’re also available in a variety of lengths and colors.

A strand of classic white string lights can upgrade just about any space, whether it’s your dorm room or backyard gazebo. All you need to light up the dark corners of your home is a working outlet or pack of batteries.

In addition to giving off that good old nostalgic glow, LED string lights are longer-lasting, safer, and more eco-friendly than classic incandescent string lights. It’s true LED string lights are usually a bit more expensive up front, but since they last for thousands of hours and use very little energy, they are a more cost-effective option overall.

Whether you’re looking for classic white, holiday colors, indoor, outdoor, solar, or vintage bistro varieties, we have a pick for you. We took longevity, cost, sturdiness, design appeal, and other features into consideration when making our selections to come up with the following guide to the best LED string lights.

Here are the best LED string lights:

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