RGB LED Strip Lights, LED Tape Light 1

Lepro LED strip lights make your home or businesses magic. You can find all kinds of magic features as follow:
1. RGB LED strip lights are available.
2. Smart LED strip lights are available. Work with Alexa and Google home. Voice control is available.
3. Music sync feature is available. Light dances with your music. Is it cool?
4. RGB + IC make light more magic. For example, waterfall style color changing.

How to install LED strip lights?
Lepro products are very easy to install. Just follow the 3 easy steps as follow:
1. Dry and clean the surface
2. Unroll the strip light, cut the light strip if necessary
3. Stick light strip to the surface
Please visit detailed LED strip lights installation guide to watch video and get more details.

How to cut LED strip lights?
Lepro products have cuttable mark on LED strips. Just cut off the excess at the cuttable mark.
Usually, it could be cut every 3 LEDs.

How to connect LED strip lights?
1. Make sure max wattage of power adapter is enough for strips you want to connect. You can find wattage information on instruction of power adapter and LED strips.
2. Use Lepro connector to connect two strips easily. (It will be available on September)

How to stick LED strip lights on wall?
1. Lepro products come with ultra-strong 3M adhesive. LED strip lights can be firmly stuck on anywhere you want.
2. Support clips are available for stronger fixation. (It will be available on September)