Outdoor/Indoor LED Flexible Light Strips 1

Fun, flexible and versatile, MOSAIC Outdoor/Indoor light strips are limited only by what you can imagine. MOSAIC is a bendable, durable strip that can be mounted with clips (included) to any clean and dry surface–outside or inside to light up any space.

​​​ ​SYLVANIA LEDVANCE Luminaires Outdoor/Indoor LED Flexible Light Strips 2

Starter kits come with one 16.4′ flexible LED light strip, 10 mounting clips, 22 screws and a remote control. Additional expansion kits are also available in 16.4′ increments, allowing up to 82′ of MOSAIC strips to come from one power source. Color changing: Flash, strobe, fade or smooth transition of light.

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​Product Features:

    • Enhance décor of interior and exterior of commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare or residential applications

    • Flexible outdoor rated strips suitable for year round outdoor use

    • Mount clips to almost any surface

    • Easy-to-install – Configurable around corners with the minimum bend radius of 2.5″

    • Control options include dimming, strobing, fading, color changing between 15 colors and white as well as a pre-programmed patriotic red, white and blue effect

    ​​​​​ ​SYLVANIA LEDVANCE Luminaires

    Plug-In Outdoor Flex Light offers a complete solution for your lighting needs. Suitable for outdoor use year-round. The kit includes strip, AC power cord, clips and screws as well as a full guide to installation.

    Product Information

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    ​Product Features:

      • Easy to install with clips and screws

      • Long Life: Up to 20,000 hours

      • Flexible outdoor rated strip suitable for year-round outdoor use

      • Available in three color temps and two lengths

      • Conforms to the contour and shape of nearly any object

      • Cool to the touch

      • Low profile design

      • Low power usage

      • Expandable up to 164 ft (50m) in length