Make A Bold Design Statement With LED Light Strips 1

There are a lot of exciting design choices you can make for your apartment or house, from color schemes to furniture style to rugs. One of the most challenging design decisions is also one of the most important: lighting. Some buildings are fortunate enough to have natural light come in from sunrise to sunset, but most homes require some supplemental lighting. Floor lamps and overhead lamps are the obvious options, but our favorite lighting hack is sure to impress anyone who sees it. The best LED strip lights provide modern-looking illumination to whole rooms or accent areas. There’s no other way to say this: they look really, really cool.

LED light strips add a sophisticated edge while still being one of the most affordable lighting options. Placement is the most crucial aspect. Where sconces or floor lamps can be design choices on their own, these lights are designed to highlight specific surfaces or pieces of furniture. You can place them behind your TV to create a dramatic backdrop while watching a movie, behind the bathroom mirror for better visibility while grooming, or under cabinets to add a sophisticated look to your kitchen. Or, for a more dramatic look, run them around the perimeter of your walls to light up your entire room.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite LED light strips for your home. Best of all, many of these give you the option to change colors, so you can find the one that best suits your living area. These are the ones to get.

1. DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

These LED strip lights from Daybetter are an impressive 32 feet long, making them a great option for illuminating larger spaces. What’s even more impressive is that these lights are cuttable. If you want to light a smaller space, you can trim the lights along the marked lines to your desired length. Included with the lights is a remote control with printed color buttons, so you can easily choose the color you want without having to toggle through too many colors.

Pros: Extra-long lights. Cuttable strips for a custom fit. Comes with a remote with color-coded buttons.

Cons: Included adhesive could be better. 32-foot length consists of two rolls, rather than one continuous strip.

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2. Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights Works

From TVs to speakers, smart tech is taking over. These smart lights can be paired with Alexa or Google Home, so you can ask your speaker to change the lights or turn them on and off. If you don’t have an Alexa smart speaker, can also control the lights using an app on your phone. The lights are available in 16 foot or 32 foot rolls, with the latter consisting of two, 16-foot rolls. Even better, because these LED strips can be cut to size, you can adapt them to exactly the size of the area you wish to illuminate.

Pros: Smart lights that can be controlled with Alexa or a phone app. Strips can be cut to the desired length.

Cons: Govee app can be finicky.

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3. PANGTON VILLA Led Strip Lights for TV

Many of the optoins on this list are very long, which can be great if you have a room or large piece of furniture to decorate. But if you just want to illuminate a smaller space, consider these lights, which come in 6.56-foot and 14.3-foot strips. The strips are designed to discretely wrap around TVs of all sizes (for 65 to 75-inch TVs, choose the 14.3-foot version). The USB plug is designed to plug directly into the TV itself, saving your outlets for other purposes. While these are ideal for television lighting, they will work just as well in the kitchen or under a bar.

Pros: Good length for most flatscreen TVs; plugs directly into the TV to save outlets for other electronics.

Cons: If your TV doesn’t have a USB port, it may not work for you.

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4. MINGER LED Strip Lights

These lights come in a 16-foot long strip, and you can change the color using the included remote control. 3M adhesive is included for a secure hold wherever you want to attach the lights. Like some of the other options, these lights are cuttable, so you can get a customized fit for the space you’re installing the lights. The lights are also available in double the length.

Pros: Includes a remote that allows you to change the colors and the brightness. Strips are cuttable for a custom fit.

Cons: Remote could be better.

LED strip lightAmazon

5. L8star LED Color Changing Rope

This string of lights is 32 feet long, but 16 feet strips are also available. This kit is among the most versatile options on Amazon because both a remote control and an app are available. The remote is included, and the app is free to download. The app offers interesting features such as music mode, which makes the strips change colors to the beat of a song. Using the app, you can choose any color you can imagine, which makes these some of the best LED strip lights for sale right now.

Pros: Works with an app or the included remote control. Available in 32 or 16-foot strips.

Cons: Can’t be paired with smart home devices.

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