You are probably here because you may hear about the JOOFO Floor Lamp. It is a most reviewed best seller, Torchier Floor Lamp, and is also an Amazon Choice Product. If you are interested in light up your room with a smart, modern, dimmable, adjustable, and durable floor lamp, you should know about the JOOFO Floor Lamp.

As a lighting-related Amazon associate owner, I was researching for around a month for the best floor lamp. At the end of the result, I saw that many people search about the JOOFO floor lamp, but so far, no one has created a full article about all the required information.  So if you are one of those people who want to know about this, then scroll down.

Floor lamps are one of the best lamps to enlighten every home with decoration. In fact of decoration of the home, there is no doubt that floor lamps can create the greatest addition to the bedroom and living room. To eliminate darkness and make a room gorgeous best tall standing torchiere floor lamp would be a good solution.

JOOFO Floor Lamp Review

There are a few reasons for making the hype and becoming the most selling floor lamps. After a long research on the reviews and product quality of this product, we realized that JOOFO offering some points at a low price that no one doing that much. We can elaborate on those main features points in the following section.

A fashionable attachment can create a lot of difference in your living room. JOOFO floor lamp is one of those accessories that can make-over your house. This slim and compact designed modern LED floor lamp comes with advanced high brightness, low heat, and energy savings technology. It has a round shape slightly heavy metal base, which makes the floor lamp sturdier. The LED can create a romantic and brightened atmosphere. Whether you have a live video record or want to read, write, or simply relax, the floor lamp provides suitable illumination without straining the eyes.

JOOFO lamp provides pure optimistic and natural light which makes the atmosphere colors appear more vibrant without reducing eye strain and fatigue. The supplied 12W LED bulb gives as much light as an ordinary 150-Watt bulb but uses far less energy. This LED bulb can last up to 100,000 hours which is 5x lengthier than other bulbs.

The best thing is this lamp comes with a remote and touches control features. The remote control feature is very convenient to use it. You can control it while you are relaxing on your sofa or laying on your bed. The remote can be easily placed on metal surfaces such as a fridge or floor lampstand in case of forgetting where it is. With the touch control feature, you can easily adjust brightness from 5% to 100% step-less dimming options, it also has a 1-hour timer and memory saving processor. You can also control from online through a smartphone application as well as Amazon Alexa

This floor lamp comes with sky LED Modern torchiere features and three adjustable color temperatures options from white natural, white warm, and white that is 3000K to 5000K. The lamp head can be rotated 350 degrees to focus any corner or upright of the room. You set this lamp to the bedroom, living room, beside the sofa or reading table. The base of the lamp is so sturdy and doesn’t take so many spaces so that harmless for babies and pets.

It’s a high-quality product at a reasonable price and provides lifetime insurance by the company, so what are you waiting for?

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Top Feature

Customer Rating

Price & Availability 

Joofo Floor Lamp

4.7 out of 5 (2,983 reveiws)

  • 3 Color Temperatures 

  • Adjustable Head Style

  • 30 Watt LED with 2400 LM Brightness

Joofo Floor Lamp

4.5 out of 5 (1,356 reviews)

  • 4 Color Temperatures 

  • Adjustable Head Style

  • 12 Watt LED with 1000 LM Brightness

Highlighted Features of JOOFO Floor Lamp

Best Usages of JOOFO Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp for Living Room

This fashionable floor lamp makes a well-dressed environment in your living room, Illuminates any corner of your living room with the 30 Watts JOOFO floor lamp.

Floor Lamp for Bedroom

No need to leave your comfortable bed to operate it, You easily can control the floor lamp with remote control depending on your requirements, which enhances many accessibilities for you.

Floor Lamp for Reading Room

Upward, rotating, or goose-neck head design which makes the light reflections provided by the wall add to protect your eyes avoid receiving blinding bright lights.

Can be used for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Light relief therapy is now a far more common method for contesting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is just a condition that troubles thousands of people across the world.

The problem persists when a person becomes less inclined to see significant amounts of sunlight and becomes ill-tempered and irritable. The condition displays itself in many ways like depression, wide mood swings, or excessive quantities of anxiousness. A person struggling with this dysfunction will become less thinking about their regular daily activities and become unusually bushed and listless throughout the daytime hours.

One choice to combat the thing is purchasing an all-natural spectrum lamp for your daily routine. This light treatment therapy has been acknowledged to help many struggling with this condition. Many peoples have reported an increase in energy and general mood and a positive attitude when utilizing this kind of device.

Pros and Cons

JOOFO Floor Lamp | Complete Review and Instructions 2020 1


  • Adjustable head
  • Wide range remote and touch control
  • Step-less dimmable with memory remembering program
  • Programmable color temperature setting
  • 100,000 hours long lifespan
JOOFO Floor Lamp | Complete Review and Instructions 2020 2


  • Little hard to use the touch control

JOOFO floor lamp Instruction

Joofo Lamp | Joofo LED Floor LAMP | Joofo Floor Lamp Review

How to Install JOOFO Floor Lamp

As for the installation no extra tools are needed, it’s super easy. The Lamp comes with four removable iron poles to assemble the stand by rotating thread. Easy to assemble and disengage just takes 3 minutes. All you have to do is just screw together each of the poles, then you attach it to the base.

How to connect this Floor Lamp with Alexa

To connect the JOOFO Floor Lamp with Alexa or another voice assistant you just need a Smart Plug. Smart plugs can make your regular home appliances smarter. And if you want to add voice control to operate your appliances by a smart plug, they can be synced to the Amazon Echo, too. A smart plug is an intelligent outlet adapter that plugs into your wall outlet and lets you control any appliances you plug into it with your smartphone or AI assistance. If you power up a lamp from a smart plug, you can turn or/off it by asking Alexa.

By syncing your smart plug with Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa to control your appliances which you have the plug on the smart plugs outlet.

Follow the steps below to connect a smart plug with Alexa 

JOOFO Floor Lamp Remote and Touch Control

The remote comes with the JOOFO floor lamp can intelligently control the lamp by within 49.2ft range. It has a magnetic back so it can be easily stuck to any metal place such as the fridge or lamps pole. The pole itself also has a button to turn the light on and off. The remote has four buttons to on/off, to adjust the brightness and color temperature.

Speaking of touch control, it also does the same function. Short press to turn on, then short press the button again to the color temperature setting. Long press to enhance the brightness. Press and hold again to decrease the brightness. Then again short press for turn off. 

Safety Tips for JOOFO

JOOFO Floor Lamp Company

JOOFO is a Top Rated seller trusted by over a thousand customers in the US. They have been participating in the marketplace since 2018. They sell in Tools & Home Improvement, Home & Kitchen, and Office Products departments from the JOOFO brand. JOOFO offers Prime shipping for the several products they have in stock. They are a Top 5000 seller, ranked 4,347th overall. They have improved from the 5,974th position last month.

JOOFO business name, contact number, address, and email might be available by contacting JOOFO. For customer service, returns, refunds, and other issues contact

Similar Product comparison of JOOFO Floor Lamp

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Where to Place Your Floor Lamp?

Floor lamps are just very easy to add to your home and very adaptable as they can be placed almost anywhere. You should not position your floor lamp anywhere in a room, try not to place your floor lamp in the middle pedestrian, where people frequently pass to going from one room to another. Here are a few steps below to guide you about the best position to place your floor lamp

  • Emit the light inward by placing lamps on the corners of your living room.
  • Troupe soft shadows with wall lamps. Place them on both sides of the fireplace.
  • Place your floor lamp beside your reading chair.
  • The bottom of the lampshade ought to be at eye level to avoid straining the eyes.
  • Position a floor lamp behind or nearly the television. This will reduce glare and soften the contrast.

For task lighting, the positioning of your floor lamp is constant, but if you’re adding this as accent lighting, there are no limits to place your lamp. You can use your floor lamp to state a comfortable space with a small coffee table and a few chairs. You can even pair it with a house plant and make a theatrical effect as the lamp casts shadows over to the plant’s leaves. A torchiere floor lamp may be placed directly below a decorative ceiling or beside a window treatment.

If you want a quick and easy way to add warmness and charm to your living room or any area at home, purchase a floor lamp, and be stunned at the makeover you can do.

This fashionable floor lamp makes a well-dressed environment in your living room, Illuminates any corner of your living room with the 30 Watts JOOFO floor lamp.

If I buy two will the remote work both lamps at the same time?

No, it can remote one lamp only when you get it. But if you want to remote both lamps, follow the steps below-

  1. Unplug both lamps
  2. Hold down the power button on the controller and do not release
  3. Plug-in new lamp
  4. The lamp should flicker once after plugging in
  5. Release the power button and you’re done.

Is the natural warm white setting the same as Daylight?

There are 3 settings for the color of the light. One is daylight 5000K. One is about 4000K. The last is warm light like incandescent lights. Maybe 2700K. I use 4000K or 5000K in LED lights. So I like the 5000K setting for this.

Can the lamp head be tilted down towards the floor rather towards the ceiling? Can it illuminate wall art?<br>

The lamp head can be turned 90 degrees to be parallel to the wall, so no, you wouldn’t be able to tilt it towards the floor. As for illuminating wall art, you could, but it would be more like using a floor lamp or theatrical spotlight to illuminate the art. But you could dim it properly. It’s a tall lamp, so unless your art is up high, I think you could find other lamps to illuminate art better.

Can the warm setting be used with the brightest setting?

Yes, all of the different settings can be used with all of the different brightness settings. Such as warm with brightest, cool with brightest, warm with dim, cool with dim, etc.

Is there a memory function that remembers the last setting and connects with the smart plug?

Yes, it remembers the last setting. The smart plug should be the same. When you turn it back on, it will be at whatever settings it had last turned off.

Is the brightness of this lamp enough for the living room, especially at night?

Truly the lamp has great brightness. But usually, it depends on the size of your living room. If your room is large enough, it would probably be more like ambient lighting.

Where this floor lamp is made?

Made in China and it has 3 years warranty.


To conclude, after long research, I think the overall performance of the JOOFO Floor Lamp is outstanding compare to similar products. It will be the best choice to enjoy this brilliant modernization and choosing the perfect combination of color setting to enjoy the taste of natural light.

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