How to dim led strip light?(Ultra Dimmable Guide)-Lightstec

Some client will ask,It’s your strip light dimmable?It’s your cabinet light dimmable?In this post we just talk about the constant voltage led light dimming.DC12V and DC24V. But the constant current led light dimming is the same way.Only the dimmable driver is different. When you dimming the led strip light, you need to know the led…

How to dim led strip light?(Ultra Dimmable Guide)-Lightstec 1

Some consumer will ask,It’s your strip gentle dimmable?It’s your cupboard gentle dimmable?On this submit we simply speak in regards to the fixed voltage led gentle dimming.DC12V and DC24V. However the fixed present led gentle dimming is identical method.Solely the dimmable driver is totally different.

Whenever you dimming the led strip gentle, that you must know the led strip gentle is in fixed voltage.Now a lot of the dimmable driver and controller is management the output voltage.When the output voltage drop down, the led lighting will dim.

1.1 Are all led strip gentle dimmable?

A few of the fixed present led strip gentle, when the enter voltage drop down, the present is identical. Then means this cannot dim.


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