You are probably here because you may hear about the DayBetter Led Light. It is a most reviewed best seller LED Strip Light and is also an Amazon Choice Product. If you have interested in RGB and want to light your room, desk, TV, ceiling, etc. with led strip light, you should know about the DayBetter LED Lights.

As a lighting-related Amazon associate owner, I was researching around a month for the best strip Lights. At the end of the result, I saw that many people search about DayBetter LED Lights, but no one has created a full article about all the required information.  So if you are one of those who want to know about the DayBetter LED lights review, then scroll down…

DayBetter LED Lights Reviews

If you are thinking about the Best LED strip lights and if you want to know about DayBetter then you are in right place. All the necessary information you may need to know is unbiasedly described in this review article.

There are few reasons for making the hype and becoming the most selling LED strips lights of DayBetter company. After a long research on the reviews and product quality of this product, we realized that DayBetter offering some points that no one doing that much. We can elaborate on those main features points in the following section.

Highlighted Features of DayBetter LED Strip Lights

Best Usages of DayBetter LED Lights Strips

The LED strips are ideal for kitchens, under cabinets, in the dining room, bedrooms, TV back-lighting, in cars, around mirrors, balconies, patios, parties, hotel decoration, theaters, shopping malls, festivals, holidays, or family events.

Pros and Cons of This LED Strip Lights

DayBetter LED Lights | Complete Review, Instructions and Buyer's Guide 2020 1


  • Easy to install
  • Brighter lights
  • Stunning color-changing visuals
  • Flexible and cuttable
  • Great customer service.
DayBetter LED Lights | Complete Review, Instructions and Buyer's Guide 2020 2


  • No connector included for further linking

To conclude, the performance of the DayBetter LED strip lights is outstanding. To enjoy this brilliant modernization, play the music, turn on the lights, choosing the perfect combination of color for the music to transform a casual party into an unforgettable event.

DayBetter LED Lights Instructions

DayBetter LED Light instruction

After the research and knowing the information about DayBetter you might determine to buy a unit of this strip light. Or you might have already bought this and now you are looking for further queries. You do not need to go anywhere else. Every query of DayBetter LED Lights Instructions will find in the following section.

How to Connect DayBetter LED Lights Strips

To increase the durability of any electronic product, the best practice is to confirm the connection is correct. Below is some steps need to notice for connecting these strips:

DayBetter LED Lights Review DayBetter LED Lights Instructions.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights how to connect

The LED strip lights could be cut every 3 LEDs along with the cutting marks if you don’t need such long lights. On the rolls of LED strips, you’ll find scissor marks after every three bulbs. The marks indicate where you can cut the strip.


DayBetter LED Lights Connector

Suppose you want to create a custom setup for a specific space. For example, you may want to light the corners of your desk or any desired area. Then you have to cut and link the strips. For doing that, you need some extra kits and connector such as-

It’s necessary to mention that The package of DayBetter LED Lights does Not Include connectors and further linking kits.

I think as an owner of anything is always the best thing to customize your own desire. So, if you want to customize your lighting to extend the lights for your desk, bed, TV, computer indoor then you should definitely check out these kits from Amazon.

There are some key points of LED Strip Light Connector Kits and Accessories Set for 5050

Installing DayBetter LED Lights Strips

If you aware of how to install the DayBetter LED lights? Then you won’t have to go anywhere else. It is too easy to install these strip lights. Just follow this DayBetter LED Lights Instructions.

So let’s get started by measuring the walls with a tape measure. You can do the total perimeter of your room from those dimensions, and then you can order the necessary length strip to cover your entire room.

Next, you want to do a little product research. I recommend the DayBetter 32.8ft roll from Amazon, which is the best seller and most reviewed LED strip lights at this price range.

After opening the box, you will find one strip of LED Lights and just a note for you. You will get the necessary kits to install it.


Now you have to do rubbing alcohol and cotton cosmetic pads to clean the walls’ corners. That not to apply the LED strip clean the corners of all the walls for the adhesive to stick. Because we don’t want this to fall, and we don’t want to mess around with this.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights installation

After cleaning the surface, connect the kits as showing the following instructional images. You need to conscious of the positive and negative terminal for connection. Because when you work with DC, you must correct the direction of the current flow.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights installation

After connecting with all kits, you should recheck it. If you think everything you have connected properly, then plug-in the power supply adapter to 220v/110v AC Socket.  

You need to test the lights before installation. And two rolls led strip lights should be attached in parallel, not in series.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights installation

If the socket you want to power up the LED Strips from it can not fits the power supply adapter. That will the worst disappointing fact for you.

But don’t worry, every problem has a solution. You need an extra travel adapter. You may also read a full article about Travel Adapter vs Converter to know everything about it.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights installation

Now its time to attach the LED Strips on the surface, it may be the wall or ceiling. To attach this it has a strong self-adhesive covered with a foil shell.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

At first, consider the starting point because of the length of the power supply adapter cord. Place the adapter in a suitable position for the power it up and also think about the IR receiver. Your remote need to pointing on the IR receiver.  

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

After all set, gently pinch the shell and attach the strips on the surface.

DayBetter Led Lights IR Remote

The DayBetter is a simple LED strip light model because controlling the lights can only be done via the included IR remote control. The 44-button remote gives you control over the color display, brightness, and light patterns. It’s pretty straightforward and effortless to learn how to use it.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

If you lost or broke your remote or need a new remote, you can purchase a spare remote from amazon.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

Click Here To Check Out The Price & Availability of The IR Remote for DayBetter LED Lights

How to Make DIY Colors on DayBetter LED Lights Strips

There are Six DIY and Arrow button on DayBetter IR Remote to program DIY color. So basically you can make an extra six personalize DIY color. You can make your favorite color according to your mood and as well as music and the environment.

About the DIY key, when it’s pressed the first time, will enter the DIY color mode, you can adjust the color, per the 6 keys at above to increase or decrease the RGB color freely (pressed this time, will jump out from DIY color mode). It will automatically save the color you have adjusted. when next time this key is pressed, it will show the color you saved for the last time.


There are 6 DIY Keys so you can save 6 colors you like. They are all independent, do not affect each other. For example: if you press DIY key1 first and then pres DIY key2, DIY key 1 will be invalid; until DIY key2 is pressed again, the current color will be saved.

Follow these steps to use the DIY function

APP Controlled Smart DayBetter LED Lights Strips

If you want to connect The DayBetter LED light with a Smartphone by an App, you need another version of DayBetter LED Strips Lights. You can find this on amazon. Its come with smart 16.4ft Waterproof LED Lights 5050 RGB 150 LEDs and represents the following features

Works with Smart Home Device: The smart led strip lights are pretty handy to control Amazon echo or google home. Just say to turn on or changing color to echo or google home. Isn’t it a really smart home product for you?

Voice Controlled & Music Sync: It has a high sensitivity mic, the led light strip automatically syncs with music and ambient sound. Even your voice, which makes the light “dance” to the beat. The music LED lights are the preferred choice for your mood and the party.

Easy to connect with Smartphone: Use the Magic Home APP to turn on or change your lights strip’s color. The controller only works on the 2.4G network. It supports the IOS 6.0 or above and Android 4.0 or above.

Color Charging: Multi-color and Color Changing Control via a smartphone app. It supports more than 44 colors to enjoy your color trip.

Timer Setting:  you do not need to worry to forgot to turn off your lights. Set a timer for your strips lights, and it will be automatically bright up the beginning of your wonderful day.

How To Connect DayBetter LED Strip Lights To Phone| DayBetter LED Lights APP

App for DayBetter LED Lights

To connect the smart LED strip with your smartphone, you need to install an APP from the Apple Store or Google play store.  The App called “Magic Phone App.” for Android smartphones can be downloaded through the Google Play store and IOS through the Apple store. Or you can Scan the QR code to get a quick download channel.

Click here to download this APP for IOS

After download and installing the Magic Home App, a registered account is necessary for first-time users. When the App is done loading, find the 2.4G WIFI or WLAN settings in general phone settings, turn it to ‘ON,’ then find the LED network on your list to connect after you see the app has linked to your lights and then enjoy your happy lighting with them.

Click here to download this APP from Android

Safety Tips for DayBetter LED Lights Strips

Safety Tips for DayBetter LED Lights

Troubleshooting for DayBetter LED Strip Lights

Strip can’t light on after the installation

Strip can’t light on in the process of DIY

Two strips with different luminous colors when lighting on.

DayBetter LED Strip lights User Manual

After all, if you need more authentic information from the owner. You may be looking for the instruction manual from the manufacturer. That’s why I also uploaded the manual.

Click here to Download DayBetter LED Strip lights User Manual

The DayBetter Company

The Company was established in 2013. It is a global LED lighting solution provider. It has a great crew of optoelectronics industry experts who have been researching LED light products for many years. It focuses on producing the best lighting involvements by constantly pursuing the highest excellent products and being boundlessly innovative.

DayBetter participates with many merchants and platforms. DayBetter LED lights amazon platform is the largest platform; most of DayBetter Led Strip Lights offered from the Amazon United States and Amazon Canada.

DayBetter Website and Contact No

Similar Product Comparison of DayBetter LED Strip Lights

Similar Product Comparison of DayBetter LED Lights

DayBetter LED Lights
DayBetter LED Lights
DayBetter LED Lights
DayBetter LED Lights

Customer Rating

Top Feature

  • Ultra Remote Ctrl

  • Smart Home Sys

  • Familly Sharing 

  • App and Mic Ctrl

  • Auto Timer

  • Easy Installation

  • User Friendly

  • Dimable 

  • Widly Use

  • Easy to Adjust

  • Bluetooth App Ctrl

  • Music Sync

Dimension (in) 

7.3 x 7.1 x 2.6

5.91 x 0.98 x 0.39

7.1 x 6.9 x 3

7.01 x 6.77 x 2.99





Copper & PVC


30 watts

36 watts

30 watts

34 watts

Number of Lights





Price & Availability 


To conclude, After long research, I think the overall performance of the DayBetter LED strip light is outstanding compare to similar products. It will be the best choice to enjoy this brilliant modernization and choosing the perfect combination of color for the music to transform a casual party into an unforgettable event. Thanks for reading this DayBetter Led Lights Review.

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