Commercial LED Strip Lights: Benefits, Features, and Applications 1

It is a well-known fact that LED light strips are the most effective and efficient way to light your spaces. May it be your home, office, school, hospitals, hotels, warehouses, or even events, LED ribbon lights can be used to light them all. The latest LED tape lights help bring your creative projects to life.

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However, a lesser known fact is that there are different types of LED strip lights for domestic and commercial projects. This doesn’t mean you can’t use different LED strips interchangeably. It is just to show that LED strips are now customized to fulfill your specific lighting needs.

Commercial LED light strips are designed to light large and small commercial spaces. They have special features that make them durable and efficient even when used to light larger projects. If you’re looking to light your retail space, hotel, restaurant, warehouse, or more, read on to learn more about commercial LED tape lights and why you should choose them.

Commercial LED Light Strips: An Introduction

LED light strips are extremely versatile. They can be used to light your homes, offices, factories, industries, hotels, restaurants, events, and more. However, each lighting project requires different kinds of LED tape lights.

Commercial grade LED strips are specifically designed to light larger projects like retail spaces, events, halls, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and more. These tape lights are different from domestic grade LED ribbon lights in that they are more powerful and bigger in size.japan, yomiuriland

Commercial LED tapes offer you all the advantages of LED lights. They are durable and effective. Even though they offer greater luminosity, they do not consume a lot of energy making them power efficient. They also don’t release a lot of carbon so they are safe for the environment.

LED strips designed for commercial uses don’t produce a lot of heat that makes them last longer and makes them safe for use. Most commercial grade tape lights are weatherproof so you can install them indoor and outdoor without worry.

How Are Commercial LED Lights Different?

Commercial LED tape lights to have all the best features of domestic LED strip lights and more. These light strips have some added features that make them great for lighting larger spaces that require more luminosity.

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Here are some of the main factors of commercial grade LED light strips:

Brighter LEDs

LED light strips made for commercial use are populated with larger LEDs that offer brighter light. Since larger spaces require more luminosity, the LEDs in these strips are designed to produce more light. This doesn’t mean the strips will be too large in size. In fact, you might not be able to tell the difference between a domestic and commercial grade light strip on face value.

Brighter LEDs still do not consume a lot of energy or release more heat. This means you can light your projects without worrying about energy costs and damages due to heat emission.

Thicker & Wider PCB Boards

Commercial grade tape lights require wider and thicker PCB boards. Wider PCB boards can easily house larger LEDs required for commercial lighting. A thicker board helps dispense the heat from the LEDs more effectively.

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Thicker and wider PCB boards help commercial ribbon lights work effectively without adding to the hassle of installing and using the tape lights. We custom-make PCB boards to meet the exact needs of your project. This way you can light your space any way you want.

Higher CRI

Color Rendering Index or CRI defines how vivid or clear objects look under a light source as compared to what they look like under direct sunlight. Sunlight has a very high CRI so you can easily distinguish between similar looking colors like navy blue and black. CRI is measured using a scale from 0-100.

A higher CRI reading means you’ll be able to see objects more clearly. Domestic LED light strips usually have a CRI of 80 or above. Commercial grade LED ribbon lights to require a CRI of 90 or more. This is because larger spaces require more luminosity.

Better Resistors

LEDs are powered by current flowing in a single direction. This forward current has a non-linear relationship with forwarding voltage. This means that a small increase in voltage can result in a significant increase in the current powering the LEDs. A sudden increase in current can damage the LEDs in a commercial LED light strip. This can reduce the lifespan of your strips and may even cause your LEDs to stop working altogether.

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Resistors help solve this problem. Resistors installed in LED strips have a linear relationship between current and voltage. This means that an increase in voltage results in an increase in current in the same proportion. This way resistors can help control the amount of current that flows through an LED strip. Resistors are great at keeping the level of current flowing through LED tapes constant, increasing their lifespan.

Commercial grade light LED strips should have good quality resistors because they have bigger LEDs to control. Also, commercial applications usually require longer lengths of LED strips to be installed. Current fluctuations are more likely to affect LED strips that are longer in length. So the resistors need to work overtime to make sure your LED tape lights keep working seamlessly.

Extra Protection

Commercial grade LED ribbon lights to have to light large spaces that can be both indoor and outdoor. This is the reason why they need extra protection like LED Aluminum Profiles that keep the LED strips safe and secured.

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In addition to profiles, the LED strips themselves need to be made water and dustproof so that they can keep lighting your projects for years. Silicone LED strips are a great way to light your commercial projects. They are especially useful for accent lighting.

Why Do You Need Commercial Grade LED Light Strips?

As we mentioned above, commercial LED light strips may not exactly look different than domestic LED tape lights. This is because the composition of LED strips is the same. There are only minor differences between the two that make them stand out from each other.

Here is why you need to choose commercial grade ribbon lights to light your commercial projects:

They Provide More Light

Commercial grade LED tapes to have larger LEDs that help them produce greater light. The light produced by these strips is not just brighter, it is also clearer. Higher CRI ensures clarity and vividness.

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They Are Larger In Size

Commercial LED strips are larger in width than domestic LED lights. Since you have to cover a greater space to light, this increase in size works in your favor. In other words, you require less length and width of strips to cover a larger area.

They Are Durable

Commercial LED strip lights to have better quality resistors that prevent them from overheating due to voltage fluctuations. This is really important in a commercial setting where some power changes are inevitable.

They Have Special Features

Commercial LED tape lights are usually mounted in frames or profiles so they are protected from the environment. They are also pushed through more quality tests and have extra protection from water, dust, moisture, and more.

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Commercial LED Strip Light Applications

Commercial LED ribbon lights are very versatile. You can use them to light larger spaces like warehouses and airports. You can also use them for more dedicated commercial lightings projects like under-cabinet lighting and accent lighting. Here are some ways you can use Elstar LED lights to bring your commercial spaces to life.

LED Light StripFeaturesRecommended Use 
2835 Flexible LED Light Strip
  • Ultra Thin
  • Super Bright
  • Compact Size
  • Workbench lighting
  • Display case lighting
  • Showcase lighting
  • Waiting area lighting
5050 Flexible LED Light Strip
  • Three Times Brighter
  • Compact Size
  • 3 LED Diodes in One Housing
  • Signage lighting
  • Warehouse lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Classroom lighting
  • Hospital lighting
  • Factory lighting
5730 Flexible LED Light Strip
  • Ultra Bright
  • Greater Luminosity
  • Powerful Strip
  • Operation theatre lighting
  • Inspection room lighting
5630 Rigid LED Light Strip
  • Low Voltage Input
  • Greater Luminous Flux
  • High-Quality Aluminum PCB
  • Storage Units
  • Airports
  • Museums
  • Malls
  • Theatre Stage
Backlit 3030 Rigid LED Light Strip
  • High Brightness
  • No Light Loss
  • Wide Beam Angle
  • Wider PCB
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Under-Cabinet lighting
  • Staircase lighting
  • Accent lighting


Commercial LED tape lights are perfect for lighting large commercial spaces. They give you the freedom to be as creative with your lighting projects as you want. Elstar offers LED customization so you can create bespoke LED strips for your project. Looking to light a big commercial space? We provide a one-window operation to light your entire project. Our bulk LED light tape service allows us to create and deliver all the LED tapes you will need for your space.

Reach out to us to learn more about our products and services.