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LED strips are just amazing, and there are a wide variety of LED strips to chose from. Do you know what is the best LED strip for your project? Here we explain the main differences between several types of LED strips and their features. Introducing LED strips When it comes to LED strips, the main…

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LED strips are simply wonderful, and there are all kinds of LED strips to selected from. Are you aware what’s the greatest LED strip on your venture? Right here we clarify the primary variations between a number of kinds of LED strips and their options.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 2

Introducing LED strips

In relation to LED strips, the primary distinction is between analog and digital LED strips. Analog and digital LED strips work in a different way and produce completely different outcomes. So, whether or not you want an analog or a digital LED strip will depend upon the venture you wish to construct.

Moreover being analog or digital, LED strips additionally range in plenty of features:

  • LED density: this implies how a lot LEDs the strip has per meter. You will discover all kinds of LED densities since 30, 60, 72 , 120 LEDs per meter and different choices.
  • Waterproof or not. The LED strips will be waterproof or not. The waterproof LED strips are coated in a transparent silicon because the strip proven beneath.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 3

The waterproof model is less complicated to work with as they’ve extra weight, are extra versatile and will be simply positioned exterior. Nonetheless you need to be conscious that these shouldn’t be positioned inside swimming pools, or in locations the place they are going to be topic to agressive climate situations.

The non waterproof strips are lighter, so it’s simpler if you wish to hold them on the underside of one thing with tape. The picture beneath reveals an instance of a non waterproof LED strip.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 4

  • Energy provide: Most LEDs strips are generally powered with a 5V, or 12V or 24V energy provide. The present wanted will depend upon how lengthy is your LED strip and on the LED density. The voltage provide is often marked on the strip, as you possibly can see within the determine beneath. If not, ensure you examine the strip’s datasheet to search out out.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 5

Normally, LED strips come on reels with a number of meters lengthy and will be minimize into small segments.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 6

There are slicing marks alongside the strip marked with a scissors icon that reveals you the place you possibly can minimize your strip as proven within the determine beneath. This strip has segments of three LEDs.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 7
Discovering the best energy provide

Discovering the best energy provide on your strip is vital to maintain your strip with an acceptable brightness and to make it work appropriately. To search out the suitable energy provide it’s worthwhile to know:

  • Working voltage: most LED strips function with 5V, or 12V or 24V energy provide. Test the LED strip’s datasheet to search out out – some strips have the working voltage marked on the strip slicing marks.
  • LED density – this implies it’s worthwhile to understand how a lot LEDs you’ve per meter
  • Size of the strip – it’s worthwhile to understand how lengthy is your strip to learn the way a lot LEDs could have
  • Present draw per every LED – examine the datasheet to search out out.

To search out out the present you simply have to multiply:

Present wanted = LED density x size of strip x present draw per every LED

Analog LED Strips

In relation to analog strips, there are analog RGB LED strips and monocolor LED strips.

Analog Monocolor LED Strips

Monocolor LED strips solely produce one shade. These strips are very easy to wire, they simply have two terminals: GND and VCC as proven within the strip beneath.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 8You simply apply energy to the strip, and the LEDs mild up. The next determine reveals an instance of a monocolor LED strip. This strip solely produces white shade.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 9

Analog RGB LED Strips

Analog LED strips have their LEDs wired in parallel. The entire strip works as a large RGB LED. So, you possibly can mild up your complete strip in many alternative colours, however you possibly can’t management LEDs individually. This implies your strip can solely be one shade at a time. The sort of LED strips are cheaper than the digital ones and simpler to make use of.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 10

Analog strips are extra utilized in ornament functions. But it surely actually relies on what you plan to do. We use an analog strip to provide some shade to our recording setup. Within the following determine, the background shade was set to cyan.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 11

Wiring Analog Strips

These strips have 4 pins it’s worthwhile to join. One purple channel, one inexperienced channel, a blue channel and energy.
To supply completely different colours you simply have to range the quantity of energy to every channel.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 12

That is simple to regulate with any microcontroller utilizing PWM. Whether or not is utilizing a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino or an ESP8266, you possibly can simply management the LED strip brightness and shade.

One meter of your analog LED strip can draw roughly 1A per LED pin when all purple inexperienced and blue LEDs are at full brightness (which produces white).

You want a driver circuit to spice up the ability – add a transistor amplifier in every management line. For instance, you should utilize N-channel MOSFETs just like the IRLB8721 that work with 3.3V and 5V logic. So, they’re appropriate to make use of together with your Arduino or ESP8266.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 13

Then, you possibly can management the strip with PWM as you’d do to regulate a single RGB LED. To learn the way to regulate an RGB LED with the Arduino you possibly can learn: How do RGB LEDs work?

You’ll be able to examine how we’ve constructed a temper mild utilizing an analog RGB LED strip: $10 DIY WiFi RGB LED Temper Gentle with ESP8266.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 14

Digital LED Strips

In relation to digital LED strips, you possibly can management every LED individually – these are additionally known as addressable LED strips. You’ll be able to selected every LED shade, its brightness and when they need to be on and off. This lets you do all kinds of loopy and superior results. Our favourite addressable RGB LED strip is the WS2812B. Right here’s among the results you are able to do with it:

Best LED Strip For Your Project 15

Best LED Strip For Your Project 16

Best LED Strip For Your Project 17

The WS2812B LEDs have an IC constructed proper into the LED – check out the determine beneath.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 18

This enables a communication through a one-wire interface. This implies that you would be able to management a number of LEDs utilizing only one digital pin of your microcontroller. These LED strips simply have three pins: VCC, GND and information. VCC and GND are used to use energy to the strip and the information pin ought to be linked to your microcontroller.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 19

This strip requires a 5V information sign, so you should not have any drawback controlling it via an arduino digital pin. Nonetheless, if you wish to management your strip utilizing Raspberry Pi, or ESP8266 that ship alerts at 3.3V, it’s best to use a logic degree converter module that converts 3.3V information sign right into a 5 V information sign.


There are libraries that make it very easy to regulate the strip and make all kinds of loopy results.

If you wish to discover ways to management this strip with Arduino and make superior mild results,  you possibly can learn: Information for WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Strip with Arduino.

We’ve added a rainbow impact to our monitor stand utilizing the WS2812B addressable RGB LED strip.

Best LED Strip For Your Project 20

The place to Purchase?

Now that you already know what’s the greatest LED strip on your venture, you possibly can go to Maker Advisor to search out your strip’s greatest worth.

You should utilize the previous hyperlinks or go on to to search out all of the elements on your tasks at the most effective worth!

Best LED Strip For Your Project 21

Wrapping up

On this publish we’ve proven you the primary variations between the varied kinds of LED strips on the market.

Now, it’s simpler so that you can choose up the best strip on your particular venture.

Right here’s some associated tutorials you may additionally like:

We hope you’ve discovered this publish helpful.

Thanks for studying.


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