Best 4 Foot LED Shop Lights [Brightest & Cheapest Shop Fixtures] 1

Lighting has come a long way since the only option we had was the traditional fluorescent bulb. These days for the best shop light, LED bulbs are the way to go. This form of light is not only among the most efficient, but it is also very versatile, and cost-effective.

With all the advantages LED lights offer for the workplace, such as the complete control over the brightness and also the color temperature making a 4 ft LED shop light ideal for offices, basements, storage rooms or just over a workbench.

Our Top 4 Foot Best LED Shop Lights

With the industrial look being very much all the rage right now, these 4 foot LED shop lights with their bright light can also look great in domestic settings as well as being the most popularly used as garage lighting and a great choice of LED light for your workshop!

Here’s our selection of the five 4 foot best LED shop lights and LED shop light fixtures on the market, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

1. Airand LED Linkable Tube Light

LED Shop Lights for Garage 4 Foot with Plug AirandLED Shop Lights for Garage 4 Foot with Plug Airand

A lot of shop and warehouse LED light designs to hang from the ceiling on chains, but this super bright Airand design offers a much cleaner sleeker look with a direct ceiling mount and because of the brightness this LED light has you don’t really need to hang it lower down.

You can cover a much larger floor space such as a factory floor or larger garage workshop by linking several of these units. You can link a total of 10 energy-saving easy to install LED light units. There are two installation options for this product. You can either hardwire it to an ON-OFF switch or use the included power cord to use it as a plug and play overhead light.

This Airand LED light isn’t just energy efficient but also has a waterproof rating of IP66 so moisture in the workplace is not a problem, making it ideal for workshops or as lighting for garages, etc that might have some dampness.

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With energy savings of up to 85% on your lighting electricity bills over the older fluorescent lights and incandescent bulbs along with the other advantages of LED bulbs having no flickering, humming, and containing no mercury, an altogether greener option.

The LED chips offer a 180° illumination angle, perfect when working on a garage workshop table, in basements or offices, etc. It shines a bright 3600 lumen with a daylight temperature of 5000 kelvin and a decent CRI (color rendering index) of over 80.

In short, these Airand LED utility shop lights are a great choice for when you want something sleek. Linking several linkable LED units together into a daisy chain with the connector cords is also a great way to light a larger area such as a warehouse. Easy to install, high energy efficiency because of the low power consumption, and low maintenance costs beat the older fluorescent fixtures and incandescent bulbs’ hands down.

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2. Orilis Premium Brushed Nickel with Flush Mount

Orilis 4 Ft 4-Light 96W Premium Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Hardwired LED Ceiling Shop LightsOrilis 4 Ft 4-Light 96W Premium Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Hardwired LED Ceiling Shop Lights

Need something brighter than standard T8 LED lights? This premium Orilis product shines 30% brighter than standard LEDs which is exactly what you want when working on detailed projects.

Each of these 4 foot LED lights has 4 LED bulbs with 3000 lumen which brings the total brightness to an extremely super bright 12000 lumen another one of the best light for brightness.

This design is a flush mount and the extra brightness makes up for the distance between the ceiling and the work area.

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The best part about this sleek design is that the individual LED bulbs inside the casing are replaceable. This means that should one of them become faulty you can replace it quickly and simply.

The frosted acrylic lens offers good illumination without creating glare. This lets you work comfortably under the bright light without being a nuisance to the eyes.

We completely understand why Orilis lists this super bright shop light model as a premium product and a best LED shop light as it is a top-quality product with great performance and excellent durability.

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3. HD Double End Powered Fluorescent Tube Replacement 6 Pack

HD 6pcs T8 Led Tube Light 4FT 40W G13 Cap Daylight 6500k V-Shaped Double Row LED T8 Bulb Household Lights ClearHD 6pcs T8 Led Tube Light 4FT 40W G13 Cap Daylight 6500k V-Shaped Double Row LED T8 Bulb Household Lights Clear

It is time to replace your old fluorescent lights and swap them for a much longer-lasting and energy-efficient illumination. Replace all units at the same time with this affordable 6 pack of 4 ft LED lights, perfect for offices or for garage LED lighting.

The installation of these new units should be no problem because the design matches that of fluorescent lighting. The difference is that this HD product shines brighter at a clear daylight color temperature of 6500 kelvin.

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As you would expect from LED technology, these units have an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours. So, once you have clicked them into place you can forget about them for many years to come and have all the advantages on your electricity bills of having this LED bulb for your garage lights.

Each shop light unit has a built-in current driver that prevents overheating, even when you keep the light on for long periods of time. It also does not flicker so it is better for your eye health.

There are several lens options available from the manufacturer. You have the choice between a clear lens, frosted lens, or even a fully stripped-down design for a more industrial look, don’t forget to advise them of which you want or they will send anything.

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4. LeonLite 4 Foot Linkable Shop Light

LEONLITE 40W 4ft Linkable LED Utility Shop LightLEONLITE 40W 4ft Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

With these LED bulbs you get an impressive 4000 Lumens with a color temperature of 4000 giving cool daylight white brightness, that is probably the best LED lights for brightness on our list, which is the standard for a 4-foot LED shop light, and you get the usual simple, non-fussy design with a lamp diffuser for anti-glare and the tube beneath.

As with many of these LED shop lights, it’s designed with a pull chain ON OFF switch and is able to be hung from the ceiling or to be flush mounted to the surface and is super easy to install.

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You can connect up to five of these LED utility shop light units in one line or side by side, thanks to the plug connection on the end of the unit, no installation instruction is required as these are plug and play that don’t need hard-wiring into the power supply, this white light LED lighting is energy efficient and is the best form of garage lighting.

With a long warranty and the claimed 50,000 hours of life from each 4′ LED shop light, this four-pack purchase is a good deal in terms of value and one that would look great in garages, games room or shop – or in any larger rooms in the home.

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5. LLT 4-foot Garage Light Fixture

4Ft Led Light Fixture 36W Vapor Proof Led Light Commercial Lights4Ft Led Light Fixture 36W Vapor Proof Led Light Commercial Lights

Our final choice from our list of the best LED lighting is an interesting one as it makes a claim that none of the rest on the list does, this one is sold as being ‘vapor-proof’, which means it is suitable for use in damp wet areas.

This is a typical design of an LED shop light in that it is more practical rather than stylish, just what you expect from garage lights. It comes with all the fittings to be mounted flush to the ceiling and is easy to install. It can be hung by chains but they are not included.

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These 4′ LED lights have a power cord operation and requires hard-wiring into the electrical circuit, so you should also bear that in mind. But these LED lights are a good bright light with the energy efficiency you expect from LED bulbs.

You get 2700 Lumens of illumination and this LED shop light offers the usual maintenance-free long life with no having to change the ballast. You can buy it as a single unit at a reasonable price, or in packs of up to 36 LED lights so if you need a lot of garage lights this is an affordable LED light for you.

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Buying Guide for an LED Shop Light

So that’s our list of five LED utility shop light that you should be looking at, but which is for you? Before we try and give you our verdict, a reminder of some of the things you should be looking for when buying your ideal 4′ LED shop light.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED bulbs) work in a different way to your traditional fluorescent bulbs and are also different from the likes of halogen lights and incandescent bulbs or other popular alternatives. The benefits of LED’s are as follows:

Still looking for that perfect LED shop light? Here are the 3 most popular 4ft best LED shop lights picks:

Important Features in Shop LED Lights

Whether you want shop LED lights for your commercial premises such as offices, for a workshop, or for domestic use, there are a few important features we advise you to look for.


Measured in ‘lumens’, this is the level of output you will get from your LED light. The range across those on our list covers 2700 Lumens to 4800 Lumens – the latter of which is super bright indeed. For domestic use or a smaller area, the lower of these will be perfectly adequate.


Does the LED shop light fit flush to the ceiling, or is it hung on chains? Most of these offer both options, but there is one that can only be fitted flush. Because an LED light is that much brighter than some older types they do not necessarily have to be that much lower for the same amount of illumination.

Tube Size

If you are struggling to decide between T5 vs T8 LED lighting we’ve written this quick guide for helping you decide.

Power Source

Does the LED light need to be hard-wired into your circuit, or does it simply plug in? There are examples of each here, and there are pros and cons to both methods, only you can decide which is the best for you. Either way, they are easy to install, but you may need the services of a professional for the hard wired option.


You may want to link a number of LED lights together for a bright light, in which case you should choose one of the models where this can be done. Some on our list are sold in packs which can be linked, others are single options.


To be fair, when all is said and done there is little between any of the above in price, some work out a little more expensive than others, but the thing to remember is the efficiency of an LED light means you will save money over conventional lighting in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we have shown you some of the best LED shop lights on the market you are ready and armed with the information you need to go purchase your light. But before we finish this review we would like to share with you some of the questions that we get asked regularly.

How many LED shop lights can you connect together?

The amount of LED shop lights that you can connect together will vary and depends on the make and model that you have. On average, 10 seems to be the maximum amount of linkable LED shop lights that can be joined.

This should be enough for basements or larger work areas, but if you are trying to light a really large warehouse then you can solve the problem simply by having two daisy chains of LED lighting.

Can you hardwire led shop lights?

Yes, in fact, a lot of LED shop lights will need to be hardwired into your power supply. There are some that are plug and play for easy installation, where you literally plug them into an existing outlet, perfect if you do not want to hardwire a single shop light unit to illuminate a small area.

Can LED shop lights be flush mounted?

We all visualize warehouse and garage lighting hanging down on chains, but there are plenty of LED shop lights that can be flush mounted as well as having the option of being hung.

This is due to the fact that the energy efficiency and brightness of an LED bulb are greater than the older fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs which required the light to be lower down for the same amount of light.

Are led shop lights worth it?

Compared to the running cost of fluorescent lights LED shop lights are the best and worth the initial outlay of converting your older light units. The energy savings these LED lights give you on your lighting electricity bills is vast and they will very quickly pay for themselves for that alone.

Also taking into consideration the fact that they are eco friendly, not only because they contain no mercury unlike the older fluorescent bulbs but because of the LED lights low power consumption.

Put this with the ability to choose not only the brightness of LED bulbs that you require for your area but the color temperature of the light that is best for the work you are doing, anything from daylight temperature that you might see with garage light fixtures to the warm white light that is good for reception areas and the like, all with no flickering.