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For some time now, LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have been replacing incandescent bulbs as original equipment on new vehicles. They’re used in tail lights and many other applications, most notably as the running lights seen in the headlight housings of many new cars and trucks. But while the OE has made great strides in LED lighting, the aftermarket has been hard at work on much more. We can offer you everything from LED replacement bulbs to LED light fixtures for every part of your car or truck, to custom LED light kits that can create multi-color lighting accents and effects.

LEDs, which are semiconductors that produce light when current is applied, have many advantages over incandescent bulbs for a motor vehicle. They typically last 50,000 hours or more – far longer than the lifespan of the average vehicle; they’re insensitive to vibration, which makes them great for off-road use; they run cooler, which allows lighting designers to exercise creativity that would not be possible with incandescent bulbs; they’re more energy efficient, and every bit helps for better fuel economy; and they light up faster, making them particularly appropriate for brake lights.

It’s obvious that upgrading incandescent bulb lights to LED lights is a smart move. We have LED lights for every application, including headlights, tail lights, signal lights, fog lights, daytime running lights (DRLs) and 3rd brake lights that directly replace OE lights. LEDs are especially suited to brake lights because they light up 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs, which may not sound like much, but when you consider that at 60 mph a car travels 88 ft. in one second, that time can give the driver behind almost 20 ft. of additional stopping distance. But you don’t have to completely replace your lights to get the advantages of LEDs. We also have replacement LED bulbs and LED headlight kits that will directly replace all of your OE incandescent bulbs.

Lumen LED Lights

Our selection of LED lights goes way beyond replacement. We can offer you specialized lights that will provide the increased illumination needed for improved vision in darkness, lights that will make your vehicle more visible for an upgrade in safety, as well as custom lighting that will make your ride the star of the show. Nowhere is additional lighting needed more than out on a dark trail, and we have the off-road LED light bars and pod lights you need in a wide range of sizes, power, and beam patterns, with single, double, and quad row lights. But maybe you just need to shed some light inside your vehicle. If so, we can help with our selection of interior LED lights, and truck bed lights that can illuminate dark places in the cabin, under the hood, or under a tonneau cover or truck cap.

PlasmaGlow LED Lights

Anything you can do to make other drivers more aware of your vehicle will increase driving safety, and we’ve got the LED lights that will let you do it in style. Amp up your truck’s appearance and visibility with an LED grille and LED tailgate light bar. Our LED grilles combine aggressive studded mesh style with powerful illumination from an integral off-road LED light bar, for a look that will get noticed night and day. Or, if you don’t want to replace your entire grille, we offer LED grille kits that will give your grille a custom look. LED tailgate light bars will make your truck more visible, with a memorable eye-catching appearance. They’re available in versions that illuminate as running lights but also scan side-to-side when you brake, or scan sequentially with your turn signals.

PlasmaGlow LED Lights

We offer standalone LED daytime running lights in compact housings that can easily be installed in the smallest of spaces, as well as kits for select vehicles to upgrade factory DRLs with color changing capabilities. We also have standard and color changing flexible and semi-rigid LED light strips that can be installed inside the headlight housing or tucked in between the headlight and the body. And our LED Halo Rings are the affordable way to give any headlight assemblies a distinctive appearance previously exclusive to luxury cars. We also offer exterior LED lights including headlight and tail light bezels that incorporate LEDs, for a unique, yet inexpensive custom effect, as well as illuminated emblems, neon glow license plate frames, and LED side mirror kits.

If you’re ready to take your vehicle’s lighting to the next level, then check out our huge selection of LED light strips & tubes and underbody light kits. We have flexible and rigid strips and tubes as well as LED rock lights that can be used as an effect all their own, as well as to highlight and accent large diameter wheels and tires, suspension mods, and underhood chrome and polished aluminum. Many of these can be set to illuminate in one color or change colors, and on some the choice of colors and rate of change can be controlled from an iPhone or Android smartphone. You can choose different color changing patterns, slow down or speed up the rate of change, create a strobe effect, change brightness, and even make colors change to the beat of your favorite tunes.

This kit is exactly as advertised! They are way brighter then my dim factory halogen bulbs and I didn’t have any problems with the fitment! They are a lot bigger than the OEM bulbs but fit right in place!

Posted by David (Levittown, PA) / August 11, 20202016 Ram 1500