5 Best LED Strip Lights Reviews of 2020 1

Have you been dreaming of throwing one of those parties that you saw in the movies, with bright lights, loud music, all your friends gathered together, and dancing all night long? The first step towards getting closer to this dream is to acquire the DotStone LED Tape Light, a 16.4-ft reel containing some of the brightest lights we’ve seen, which you can place however and wherever you want. The advantage of these strip lights is that they are flexible meaning you can bend them and install in different angles, patterns, and rows.

The strip supports 16 colors, which you can change according to your mood or to match with other decorations in the room, and has 11 brightness levels so you can make the light dimmer or brighter depending on what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create. Also, the light supports 3 dynamic settings (static, fade, or flash) and a music mode, so you can activate them to shake things up a bit. When the music mode is activated, the LEDs will pulse to the rhythm of the song and amplify the party mood.

The minor gripe about the DotStone LED Tape Light is that it is always the same color so you won’t be able to create a rainbow effect or a gradual change in shade. Other than that, the DotStone LED Tape Light doesn’t have many flaws.

Speaking of the technical specifications, the DotStone LED Tape Light has a waterproof design along with the protection against short-circuit and can store settings of the previous activity in the memory.

With the adhesive tape on the back, you can attach the reel to glass, plastic, or brick surfaces and it will stay there as long as you don’t take it off. Plus, the lights are low-heat so you can place them in places where your children or pets tend to play with no risk of fire hazards.

So whether you want to throw a party, decorate your home, or create a special atmosphere for your loved one, the DotStone LED tape light kit is a pretty solid choice. You can cut it into strips of 3 or more LEDs or use the whole thing to embellish the walls of your house. With 20,000 hours of lifespan, this color-changing LED light strip is a real bargain at such a price tag.