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how to choose the best bright stand lamp for living roonhow to choose the best bright stand lamp for living roonTo get on a good atmosphere for reading, crafting, sewing and other tasks, best floor lamps for bright light are always taken into consideration.

A right and stunning floor lamp is able to light a whole room and offer the best light on your work surface. Not only that, it also can be a perfect decoration for your space.

In this article, we have selected more than 10 best brightest floor lamps in order to meet your diverse requirements. Also, a basic guide to buying the floor lamps with best lighting is introduced as well. You can free to pick up your favors next.

11 Best Bright Standing Lamps to Light up a Room

Reviews of 11 Top-rated Brightest Floor Lamps Available in 2020

#1. Best Overall – Brightech Brightest Torchiere Floor Lamp

Best bright torchiere floor lampBest bright torchiere floor lampModern Tall Standing Torchiere Lamp

This one shines the best bright light I have suggested in this article.



First, its 3 brightness settings work well respectively. At the brightest level, its extremely bright light support itself a primary light source. And, as for its lowest brightness, it does a perfect job as an additional ambiance.

On the other hand, built-in 30 watt LED bulbs allow to radiate light at a high output of 2260 Lumens. Furthermore, the LED technology serves to not only last for years but also protect eyes. So, there is no need to change bulbs before its deadline. Also, you can be free of eye ache, even at a long time reading.

While you can access to 7 colors, come and pick your favorite color! There always a right one for you!

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#2. Best Rated – Brightech Bright Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Brass Floor Lamp with Pharmacy StyleBrass Floor Lamp with Pharmacy StyleBest Pharmacy Bright Floor Lamp

It is a lamp that has almost a thousand pieces of positive reviews. And its comprehensive evaluation reaches a 4.8 star. However, it just cost under $60.



For one thing, as for its light, you have to speak highy of its marvelous effect. With its leaf design, it directs specific light on a certain area and spills little. Also, the light is eye-easing and bright enough even for 2 people reading for each own if you sit not far. So does in bedrooms. If you have a long sofa or a big-sized bed, it is worthy to consider to buy 2.

When it comes to brass pharmacy style, it looks great on rooms with modern, industrial, rustic and traditional style. And, with its slim body, it occupies little space. So, if you have small rooms and are looking for a floor illumination device, don’t slip it through your fingers.

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#3. Best Selling – Brightech Dimmable Gooseneck Bright Reading Floor Lamp 

Super Bright Floor LampSuper Bright Floor LampBrightest LED Floor Lamp

If you are looking for a bright task lamp for your reading, crafting, sewing or painting, this one is highly recommended.



First, this perfect floor lamp gives its awesome bright daylight on the eye-protective level when you reading or playing games. With its natural white light and flexible gooseneck, it is easy to adjust its neck to get desired light to do your hobby for small details. More than that, it creates no noise so that people who love quiet surroundings don’t hesitate. Look no further. Buy it!

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#4. Best Price – IKEA Bright Floor Lamp with Adjustable Height 

Best Floor Lamp to Brighten RoomBest Floor Lamp to Brighten RoomBright Floor Lamp Cheap

It is a tall lamp which enjoys a sale volume more than 2,000. And, under $22 you can make your living room full of bright ambient light.



The lamp is 69 inches tall. So it still suits for tall persons. What is the most surprising thing is that it is an adjustable floor lamp. With its cord exposed externally, you can shorten the pole to a table lamp. And, it is unnecessary to worry about its safety. The base is 10 inches wide. It is solid enough to support the lamp upright in any cases.

Besides, its opaque lamp shade is able to provide decent light to light up an entire room. What I want to stress is that this item includes no bulbs. But any of regular size bulbs are fitted. Also, we also provide matched bulbs.

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#5. Best Design – Brightech Contemporary Floor Lamp for Brightening Corners

brightest floor lamps availablebrightest floor lamps availableInnovative Lamp to Brighten Rooms

This lamp must give you a deep impression due to its twist design. Of course, it is a super choice as an excellent decoration. However, it also works well as a lighting fixture.



First, the amazing innovative lamp is controlled by a built-in foot switch. If you are dedicated into doing your things and then find your light is not adequate, this lamp makes your hands free. You can just adjust brightness by tapping the on/off switch with your foot rather than bend down or raise up your arms.

Besides, thanks to its twist design, the light is able to evenly light up any direction of your space. That is to say, you will never worry about troublesome light focal points any longer. To your surprise, the 43 inches height can make it good for standing upon the low chairs and cutty chairs or tables.

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#6. Best Bright Light for Living Room – with Elegant Appearance

where to buy the best budget brightest stand lampwhere to buy the best budget brightest stand lampBright Light for Living Room

It is suitable for living rooms and any corners of your rooms, especially beside your couch. The lamp shade made from rice paper gives you an elegant visual experience. And it is easy to clean. Just a feather duster or a piece of cloth can do the trick.



Another enjoyable factor lies in the foot pedal. It is convenient to turn it on/off, even for kids. With bulbs sold separately, you need to shop bulbs with 40 wattages on your own. Fluorescent, incandescent or LED bulbs are applicable. If you don’t know how to choose, the part of choosing guide gives you some suggestions.

In addition, you can discount it if you by 2 sets. Click to check 2 Sets of IKEA Bright Floor Lamps.

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#7. Best Brightech 2 in 1 Bright Stand Floor Lamp – for Bedroom

Best Lamp for StorageBest Lamp for StorageBright Floor Lamp for Bedroom

Are you annoying at the disorder small bedrooms? Are you trouble in a dark room? This lamp is an ideal solution!



It contains 2 parts: shelf and lighting fixture. 3-level of boards help you with quick storage of messy and trivial objectives. And 2 USB chargeres on the shelf bring convenience for recharging smart devices. How versatile it is!

As for the lamp on the top of the shelf, it beams a great accent light. And the power cord clasped by the clips looks clean and neat. If you are looking for a multifunctional shelf, don’t miss out this stable and minimalist one.

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#8. Best Brightech Tall Standing LED Lamp for Office – with Super Bright Light

Bright Floor Lamp for OfficeBright Floor Lamp for OfficeContemporary Tall Upright Lamp

This lamp consists of 2 rings, a tall pole and a sturdy base. It is 79 inches tall when assembled. So, it is suitable for tall people in their homes and offices.



Due to its built-in dimmer, you have 3 lighting options by gently tapping the button at the top of the pole. The brightest light is able to light up your whole room while the dimmest light is perfect for creating ambient atmosphere. By the way, with the help of its brightest light, it is suitable for doing tasks, such as reading and crafting. If the light beams evil shadows, you can solve it through rings adjustment.

And, you can access to black and silver design for behind your couch or by the side of your office tables. The black finish one gives you a simple and somber sight. On the contrary, it will look cute when you put the silver one into your modern or rustic style homes. I believe buying one is not a remorseful thing.

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#9. Best LEONC Bright Colored Floor Lamp – Compatible with Alexa

Bright Colored Stand LampsBright Colored Stand LampsWhite Floor Lamp with Best Ambiance

The textures on the lamp shade is eye-catching, isn’t it? I believe it will add beauty to your space regardless of its on or off state.


This lamp has a single brightness. That is, the bulb that comes with is not dimmable. But it does a great job of illuminating your dark corners, even offices, living rooms and bedrooms. Besides, you can buy another dimmable bulb to replace it. Regular size is fine.

It is admirable that this one is compatible with smart home devices, such as Alexa. In this way, it is unnecessary to switch it through the foot pedal. You can wake up the lamp by voice control. Isn’t it fascinating? It is easy to get. All you need to do is connect your smart plug well. There is a best recommendation. Click to buy the best rated smart plug.

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#10. Barrina Brightest LED Floor Lamp – with Remote Control

Adjustable lamp with remote controlAdjustable lamp with remote controlBest Room Brightening Floor Lamp

It is a convenient lamp for all personals, especially for learning kids. Under $50 you can enjoy its favorable light options and user-friendly switch.



Afraid of tilting when adjust its gooseneck? Never happens! The gooseneck is so flexible that it is easy to adjust. Worry about not bright enough for reading?

Set your heart at rest! This lamp has 4 light modes ranging from 3000K to 5500K. Thus, it is applicable for diverse light-needed activities, hobbyists in particular.

What’s more, I am sure you will be pleased with its remote-control design. With a remote device, you can conduct the brightness adjustment and  its on/off wherever you are.

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#11. Best Brightech Decorative Tripod Floor Lamp – for DIY Fans

Floor Lamps with Best LightingFloor Lamps with Best LightingBest Lamp to Light up corners

On the one hand, this is an attractive lamp that suits people who want to enhance warm and ambient flavor on their houses.



At first, the bulb provided beams only a clearly soft and ambient light. But you can replace it with a dimmable one to achieve different light modes. (Note: It is limited to screw the bulbs with the E26 size.) Or, connect it with smart plugs. In this way, you can awake it even though you are not around it.

Attention! DIY fans. I believe you can enjoy the assembling procedure. This lamp comes with more than 70 pieces and its wooden legs are able to be stained as you desire. Also, making your own lamp shade is attainable. What else are you looking for? Make your unique standing lamp!

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where to buy the best bright light bulbswhere to buy the best bright light bulbsIf you have high ceilings or big rooms, you will fail to get enough light with table lamps or single ceiling lighting fixtures.

However, a bright standing lamp is able to illuminate a specific area directly and also diffuse its light to make the whole room brightened. This is the first factor that it acts. It is well-known that different purpose requires different types of floor lamps. In general, as an illumination device, the desired floor lamp beams the extremely bright light for office and task work, the natural bright tone for living room as well as reading, and the ambient soft glow for bedroom.

On the other hand, in the off state, it itself is an ideal decoration for room corners and couch sideways. And, there is no need to adjust your position to cater to the light source. When it turns on, you can get direct light while standing or sitting or lying beneath it. Meanwhile, no glare, flicker or ghost happens. In this way, you can protect your eyes from fatigue, stress and ache efficiently.

Can a Floor Lamp Light Entire Room?

It depends on the types of floor lamps you have chosen. As a matter of fact, floor lamps can act as 3 functions:

Ambient lighting focuses on shining an overall light to rooms. That is to say, such a lighting fixture aims to radiate basic light for a certain room. Under the light of ambient floor lamps, you are free of tumbling in the dark space.

Accent lamp is regarded as the best lighting for eyes focal on decorative paintings, walls and plants. In principle, accent floor lamps are the partial light source. It mainly works to beautify eye-catching decorations or create a comfortable and warm atmosphere for families.

Task lighting, just as its name implies, is a light that primarily beams bright white light to help you accomplish certain tasks. For instance, reading, studying, crafting, sewing and painting. Even though task floor lamps direct their light just on the exact zone, their goosenecks help twist itself to give the light to any needed position. By the way, the best task floor lamps with bright lighting should shine shadow-free and eye-friendly light.

How to Choose Best Floor Lamps for Bright Light?

how to choose the lampshade for bright lighthow to choose the lampshade for bright lightWhat can I do to buy the optimal floor lamp for my living room? How to choose the best floor lamps for my reading tasks? What factors do I need to be considered when buying a bright floor lamp? Don’t worry about that anymore! We have picked up major factors to give minute exposition to help you find the best choice.

What is the Best Brightest Light Bulb?

LED bulbs are widely used in the present day. For one thing, LED bulbs generate high light output so that it can give the brightest light than that of incandescent, fluorescent and other lamps. For another, the eye protection technology does good for people’s visual system. What makes LED bulbs popular also lies in their long lifespan and low energy consumption. Due to the above advantages, the brilliant floor lamps for dark space always equip with LED bulbs.

What Height Should Floor Lamp Be to Shine the Bright Light?

Floor lamps consist of a weighted base, tall pole, convenient switch, lighting bulbs and sometimes, distinctive lampshade. Then, in order to get the brightest light from a standing floor lamp, what height you should buy?

As for decorative floor lamps and accent floor lamps, such as in bedrooms, living rooms and corners, any height is surely to play its role.

When it comes to task floor lamps, there is a strict request. The light it beams should be directed at your shoulders or chest rather than your eyes.

According to scientific contrast tests, a floor lamp in the range of 58 to 64 inches tall is able to give you best brightest lights.

How is the Base?

The floor lamp base also plays a significant role when buying a bright stand up lamps. Its material varies from metal and wood to ceramic and brass. You can choose the color and material of the lamp according to your furniture and decorative space.

Anyhow, the floor lamp with a wide and solid base absolutely benefits you from falling down, especially for people who have kids and pets.

What is the Best Lamp Shade for Brightness?

It is inevitable to consider the size when choosing the right lampshade. It is well-known that the best shade will improve light intensity. Then, how to judge and buy the right one?

Prior to buying a lamp shade, it is necessary to measure the lamp base as well as the lamp pole. As a rule of thumb, the lamp shade should be twice wider than the base while three times shorter than the lamp height.

In general, the fabric drum, like this Brightech Tripod light, is able to give the best brightness and finest light.

Is It Necessary to Buy Adjustable Floor Lamps?

what is the best height of floor lampwhat is the best height of floor lampFloor lamps with adjustable functions divide 3 kinds–either adjustable brightness or adjustable poles, and both. If you want to buy a lamp using for your tasks illumination, an adjustable one is able to help you get the desired light wherever you are. For example, you can bend its arm or neck to get closer light or choose different light modes to do different tasks.

Nevertheless, if you would like to buy an ambient or an accent floor lamp, it is unnecessary to buy adjustable ones. The decorative tripod floor lamp is one of the suggestions.

What are the Best Types of Bright Standing Floor Lamps?

As bright floor lamps have a wide variety of types and act as different purposes, what are the distinctive features that each type has? Below are brief answers.


The standard room brightening floor lamps consist of regular pieces. With a round or rectangle base, the lighting bulb is safely on the top of the single pole. Additionally, the floor lamp using in bedrooms and living rooms sometimes includes a lamp shade.

Classic Bright Task Floor Lamp with Remote Control

16 Best Floor Lamp For Bright Light Of 2020 216 Best Floor Lamp For Bright Light Of 2020 3

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Unlike the classic ones, on the trunk lamp pole, there extend some branches. Above each arm, as its name indicates, a single lighting fixture adheres. And, it is common that each lamp head is controlled by its own on/off switch.

Industrial Style Tree Floor Lamp with 3 Lighting Fixtures

rustic floor lamp with tree designrustic floor lamp with tree design

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The arch floor lamps often shine its overhead light downwards. It possesses a flexible arc neck so that you can adjust it to any directions you want to light up. Roughly, most of the customers who have bought it place their lighting fixture bedside, behind the sofa or at corners. On the other hand, if you want more lights, there also provides arched floor lamps with multiple heads.

Arched Floor Lamp with LED bulbs for Living Room

traditional floor lamp with arched armtraditional floor lamp with arched arm

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Best minimalist floor lampBest minimalist floor lamp


A torchiere lamp always beams its light upwards. In other words, it, as an accent lamp, directs its light on ceilings to illuminate overall rooms. The torchiere floor lamp head divides 2 kinds. One has a round shape while the other is like a disc.

Tall Standing Super Bright Torchiere Floor Lamp

Best torchiere lamp to brighten housesBest torchiere lamp to brighten houses

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This kind of versatile lamp is able to help you save room space in an efficient way. This is because apart from the lighting fixtures, it also plays a role in a table or a shelf.

Multifunctional Upright Lamp for Bedside 

Best adjustable lamp with table & shelfBest adjustable lamp with table & shelf

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How to Buy a Bright Stand Light for Your Rooms?

Final Words

Floor Lamp, as a partial illumination tool, gradually becomes a fashionable decoration for homes. In this article, we have selected 16 best bright floor lamps to meet your different needs. There must be one of your favorites. And I believe any of it is able to modify your colorful life.

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