120V LED Strip Lights 1
120V LED Strip Lights

120V LED Strip Lights 2 ClickCease 120V LED Strip Lights 3 Ultra Bright Driverless LED Strip 120V AC
Driverless LED Strip Lights 120V AC
Color Changing LED Strip 120V AC
Neon LED

Driverless 110 – 120V LED Strip Lights

Solid Apollo’s Driverless LED Strip Lights are like nothing else available on the market, with a variety of brightness options and colors to create the perfect color effect. Compared to low voltage waterproof LED Strip Lights which require the use of transformers, drivers and complex wiring, the Driverless LED Strip Light comes ready to plug into any standard outlet!  Just plug into any standard household AC wall outlet and you will instantly have the ability to light up 165(ft) with just one connection. Now, anyone can add accent lighting virtually anywhere at low cost and with no professional assistance! All of our driverless LED light strips are waterproof and rated to IP67 – great for indoor and outdoor use!

Each strip is delivered to you at the desired length ready to connect with absolutely no configuration or complex connection necessary. You can also choose any length from as small as 19.68(in) up to 165(ft). The driverless LED strip can be customized in any length in multiples of 19.68(in) inches or 50(cm).


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